Extending Private Data Center to Azure Cloud – Part 1

Ipwsich, UK


Amazon’s AWS is the leader in public Cloud services bringing 17.5 billions USD revenues with 25% profit margin for Amazon in 2017. The AWS business is growing at a whopping rate of 49% in 2018. This is a very good testimonial that companies all over the world are embracing cloud technology in their IT strategy and deployment.

Microsoft’s Azure Cloud services had a late start than Amazon’s AWS but it is now in a very close 2nd position after Amazon’s AWS. Azure has the benefits that its parent, Microsoft is the owner of the Windows server software and it has well established relationships with IT departments for many years. Also, Azure has more data centers all over the world (i.e., lower network latency) than Amazon’s AWS and it supports nested virtualization that some other Cloud Service Providers (CSPs) cannot support. BTW, if you are planning to run any software or NFV appliances (e.g., GNS3) that itself runs on top of a hypervisor such as KVM on the cloud, you will need a CSP that supports nested virtualization.

This article discusses N-Tier application deployment in a private Data Center (DC) and its migration to Azure Cloud. The focus of this article is to highlight important network and system design issues such as scalability, security and redundancy for running N-Tier applications on these two platforms. In order to make this article easier to read, I will divide this article into multiple parts. Part 1 of this article discusses the deployment of a traditional N-Tier application in a private DC. Most of the information in Part 1 is theory based. Parts 2 and 3 of the article shows how to run this N-Tier application on Azure Cloud while maintaining application control from the private DC (i.e., Hybrid Cloud). The setup of the N-Tier application and the configuration of DMZ, Firewalls, Load-Balancers etc… on Azure Cloud are discussed in details in Parts 2 and 3 of the article.

Keeping with the tradition of this blog to enable readers to try out any network and software design and deployment at zero or minimum cost, I will show in Part 2 of this article how you can run this N-Tier application with all the networking equipment setup on Azure Cloud for free. Manual configuration of all the Firewalls, DMZ, Load-Balancers, IPSec Gateway, Apache VMs and servers etc… to support N-Tier applications in a DC could take weeks if not months in the past; compute and network virtualization and programmable network can expedite the processes dramatically. In Parts 2 and 3 of this article, I will show how you can deploy this web application with all the associated network setup on Azure cloud by simply running two commands and wait for a few hours before you can start testing the setup on Azure!

This article has been moved to https://medium.com/@derekcheung/extending-private-data-center-to-azure-cloud-part-1-93fc46b3274d?source=friends_link&sk=c5a91890c61d8a4acd9024b5c2e0c88a

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